Let’s get a carefree online experience in three easy steps.



All the website stuff you need to start with and level up your site to the modern standards.

Step 1:

WordPress Hosting

We migrate your website to our hosting environment.

Step 2:

Updates and Back-ups

Maintain and keep your Wordpress up-to-date.

Step 3:

Online Services

And we CAN do a lot more to improve your website.

Carefree experience

Our mission is to take care of some of the core worries you might have as an entrepreneur. You can’t possibly keep track of everything, and this is a small price to pay for some ease of mind.

Each subscription comes with a free security scan, upgrade, and migration. Make use of our experience and knowledge and get subscribed today.


A smart and strategic way of scaling up

Migration and Hosting

We use our own hosting stack, servers we rent and control, that give us 100% customizations rights, so we can optimize your hosting package for your business needs. This gives us the ability to take off the handbrake and when you do get around marketing your site or wanting to generate traffic, your website will perform like a cheetah, and any technical issues will not be a problem.


Technical Support

When it comes to maintenance, WordPress and most plugin developers release new versions of your code constantly to deal with bugs and the other thing is the back-up, With us, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because even though we keep track of all WordPress related news, install the latest updates and upgrades, you will always be one step behind the potential threats.


Online Services

We service and maintain but we won’t stop there, we can do slightly more than that if you’ll let us. We offer web design and development packages as well as content packages. It’s not all you need to do, it is not all you can do, but it is to support you where you need a baseline of content. A foundation to build a strategy of your own and become a content minded entrepreneur.


See what our customers are saying

  • “The team at 123CarefreeWP has been running my website for a few years, way back before these guys where 123. I never had any issues and love the fact that they really do take care of all the menial stuff on the site. It's like having a cleaning lady for the website”
    Sander Alt
    Owner of Urrebuk Animations
  • These guys might be Dutch, but my site has an international audience. They seem to switch seamlessly between doing major websites and tiny landing pages. They know their stuff in terms of server and Wordpress core integrations. My site ran faster after the switch and with the increasing volume, I need a well maintained, secure setup. 
    Josefine Gerault
    Owner of Noir Fragrances and Oils
  • “Wow! switched 2 months ago and I am impressed. After running into a wall with my previous host, these guys and girls are great. Thanks a lot and I heartily recommend you to anyone wanting good and affordable WP hosting and maintenance. Best 30 euros I ever spend on a subscription.”
    John Easterwick
    E-ntrepeneur. Owns serveral websites

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Each subscription works with a free support on many of your WordPress issues.

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