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A golden ticket can give you all the technical support for your website.

The Golden Ticket is a ONE-TIME deal only.
We will solve an issue to proof to you how good we really are.

WordPress Issue – 75% of the cases we have

After the last update, your site is acting up. You get many notifications of something being wrong, or something stopped working on your website.

Email Issue – around 15% of the issues we deal with

You might get extraordinary amounts of nasty spam, or your mail just doesn’t arrive.

Hosting Issue – only 10% but I can tell you now, these are the worst!

Your server might not be responding or you might get a 320,500 or 301 error when you open the site.

Get carefree a little more

In order to ensure your site has the highest possible scoring on technical SEO. Search Engine Optimization, despite what you might have heard, is a complex web of techniques and content. There is no manual, there are only tried and tested methods that keep changing as Google adjust and firms up their crawler bots to sniff out the latest SEO-hack. SEO is therefore not about hacking. It is about offering a technical sounds website and great relevant content. And patience and tenacity. But the battle starts with your hosting and registrar company.

Every hosting company does things a little different and allows varying controls depending on your subscription. The less you pay, the less access and customizations you need to perform. Your site will run smoothly, but unoptimized for your particular needs. This is good, but it doesn’t give you any kind of edge of your competition. IF you start working on your content now, it’s like running a marathon with your pants down, you go through the motions but it is far far from efficient, and frankly a bit laughable.

So, we use our own hosting stack, servers we rent and control, that give us 100% customizations rights, so we can optimize your hosting package for your business needs. It is not better than the rest, it’s just ours and it gives us the ability to take off the handbrake and when you do get around marketing your site or wanting to generate traffic, your website will perform like a cheetah, and any technical SEO issues will not be a problem. That is our promise.

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