GDPR and Cookie compliance package

If you don’t know what GDPR is or a Cookie, you need this. Pronto.

If you do know, then this is the cheapest and easiest way to comply with all this privacy stuff. Let us take care of it.

Are you GDPR ready?


This GDPR thing is a……thing.

You have to take action on this or run the serious risk of getting a fine. In this package, we make sure your site is compliant with the GDPR legislation as well as the cookie legislation. That includes a unique, written by a proper lawyer privacy and cookie statement (one package, one language, one site), the installation and publication of said statement, including an annoying but mandatory pop-up with confirmation button for first-time users. And to top it all off: we will keep a running report on all actions, discussions, decisions regarding the GDPR compliance, which is also a requirement, so you don’t have to. For a whole year.

Order it now for your new hosting account or as an addition to your existing accounts.

  • custom GDPR compliant Cookie and Privacy Statement
  • design and style adaptations to make the mandatory pop-up look nice
  • yearly check to see if you are still compliant


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