Golden Ticket

To give us a try, or for help with a SINGLE WordPress issue.

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Whether you know almost everything or almost nothing about WordPress, it doesn’t matter. There will always be a moment that an annoying thing is not working the way it is supposed to work. You have spent several hours, days, perhaps even weeks trying to fix it and it is just not happening. That is where the Golden Ticket comes in. We WILL fix your issue, we will do it in a timely fashion, and we will continue to fix until we have solved to your satisfaction the problem you were having. Perhaps then you will see the benefit of having your hosting and maintenance taken care of by us. Well, that’s the idea anyway. If not, we are sure there will someday, somewhere be another issue with perhaps another site. In that case, we hope you will remember us.

  • Solve a single issue on any WordPress site
  • No holds barred expert team on the case
  • Try it, and if you like it, come join us here at


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